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Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics

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What is a spa?
Spa treatments have been used for hundreds of years, especially in Europe as 'natural therapeutics'. They have been time tested and they work. We at Alexandar were the first and perhaps the only massage school in the state of Washington that offers education in treatments such as Aromatherapy (utilizing the power of scent with essential oils), Moroccan Silk Clay wraps, Salt Glow Body Polish, Facial Massage, and Seaweed Wraps as part of the core curriculum. Day Spas are becoming the fastest growing industry and Alexandar's students are meeting this need. 

How experienced are the instructors at Alexandar?
Alexandar's has been training massage practitioners since 1979 and is still owned by the same person who began the school, Aliesha Alexandar. Our instructional staff has a combined experience of over 110 years, in the practice of massage. 

Why does it take 11 months to learn massage?
Alexandar massage school involves a wide variety of modalities. We expect our students to incorporate these various massage techniques in their practice. At Alexandar we believe that skilled bodyworkers must know how to work the muscle/body at least three different ways in order to be effective. It takes time to enhance your technique and develop your unique therapeutic touch. Taking the time to develop these skill within the safe and nurturing school environment, will give you the knowledge, skill and confidence to be effective and successful in the field of massage. The past 20 years of business we have found that 11 months is the most effective and efficient time to achieve this. Please refer to the course descriptions page for more information.

How expensive is Massage School?
Our 705-hour Massage Program and Spa Certification is $11,000.00 (less than $16 per hour of training). Our program is all inclusive with no extra costs or fees. When looking at massage school expense make sure you balance cost versus training hours, program content and extra "fees". At Alexandar there are no extra "fees". 

What are the state requirements for massage licensure?
To be licensed in WA you much meet the following requirements:
  • Complete: 500 curriculum hours at WA state certified school; 80 hours of practical hands-on Massage practice; CPR/First Aide and HIV/Blood Born Pathogens training
  • Successfully pass WA state or National Licensing exam
Please visit WA State Department on Health for more information.  Education requirements  

Why should I get my education at Alexandar?
Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics is a healing arts school not a franchise or an institution.  This has allowed us to focus on sharing the knowledge and skills of therapeutic touch, and has allowed us to keep our tuition lower than our competitors.

The directors of the school have over 70 years of experience between them. Their expertise as Massage practitioners/Bodyworkers, as teachers, and as directors and most importantly their approach to massage as a 'life style'.

The high quality, experience, and integrity of the teachers.  Our intelligent, compassionate, and loyal faculty have been with us for 10+ years.

Small class sizes enriches the students 'hands on' learning approach with and increases individual attention.

The variety of modalities/massage styles that are part of the core curriculum.  Included is a unique training called Zen Bodytherapy. This is a structural integration body therapy developed by combining Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Triggerpoint and massage. This structrual integration technique is beneficial for injury, chronic pain management, and releasing emotional trauma manifested in the body.  We are the only school certified to teach this therapy in the south sound, it is a part of the core curriculum and there are no extra fees for this training. You will not find this offered anywhere else.

Alexandar provides a unique and nourishing school campus that facilitates growth and change.

Aren't there already a lot of massage therapists in Washington?
Yes and No! People seeking 'alternative medicine', particularly massage, are now surpassing that of mainstream medicine. Therefore the forecast for future demand is still rising. However, it's true that the market has been flooded with mediocre students. If your educational foundation is solid with the ability to treat the massage client with a variety of massage techniques, learned and applied at Alexandar's---your only competition will be yourself.

How much money can a Massage Practitioner make?
Massage Practitioners can make very good money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Washington State is the highest paying state for Massage Practitioners with an average wage of $53,760. You can check this out at their website. What the Bureau doesn’t take in to account is the average massage practitioner works only 30 to 35 hours a week which makes the hourly wage much higher.
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