O F   N A T U R A L   T H E R A P E U T I C S 
ASNT Book List - Online Purchases 
for classes beginning March 2018 or later
Term 1
Term 2
Required for Swedish I
Required for Anatomy & Kinesiology
Required for Anatomy & Physiology
Required for Anatomy & Kinesiology
Required for Swedish II
ASNT Recommends purchase of the Below text books through Amazon.com. By clicking the links below you should see the best purchase option for new textbooks. Be aware that you may also find used text books, sellers other than Amazon, and textbook rentals on the same pages. Some of the books are workbooks or have workbook pages within the textbook that you are required to complete for assignments. Ensure that you understand what you are purchasing if choosing a purchase option other than 'new'.  There are other required purchases see the full Book List available from Alexandar Administrative Office for a complete list.